College of management science and information systems students participate in creativity Conference

College of Administrative Sciences and participated in the fourth Conference of student creativity, where a group of students reviewed their graduation projects which have been selected by a Scientific Committee was formed at the college level
Where these projects varied between the systems applied in different fields and statistical studies of the problems surrounding community artwork and graphics for multimedia students \ graphics

 College section shows a notable activity and showed visitors the higher level enjoyed by college students and the skills and experience that reflected through posters or direct offer graduation projects these projects


a commite at the University level had  the follow-up of projects before and after discussion, study and evaluation by arbitrators from within and outside the University announce  the following three winning projects at the level of Administrative Sciences  follows:
1st place: Portal of the  College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics-student Anas Mohtaseb, Azhar awawdeh, Anas Obeid and supervisor I. Rami Al Daraweesh

2nd place: mediation system for car rental , -students Rashad quraish, Ranin ghoneim  and Qassam Amro , admin Dr. Ismail Al-Roumi

3rd place : Causality between total energy consumption and economic growth in Palestine , student ashjan ayyash and supervisor dr.Islam Hassouneh


These outstanding projects outgrowth of College policy to encourage leadership and excellence and creativity in all fields and in all disciplines.


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