Research Groups


Community Development Research Group



-          Dr. Ismail M. Romi

-          Dr. Neser Jawabra

-          Dr. Nancy Alriji

-          Abdel Fattah Alnajjar

-          Research assistants

-          Master students



As a result of the researcher’s efforts at the College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics, valuable contributions were added to the community. These contributions Cover many areas, especially; education, health, financial, cultural and other sectors. This research group was established to coordinate the team efforts towards developing the community organizations, and providing practical solutions to meet its challenges.



The research group aims at:

•         Activating applied research that serves community organizations.

•         Promoting joint researches.

•         Integrating research results with scholars.

•         Cooperation with local and international institutions.


Research Interests:

-          Information Management

-          Modelling and Theory building

-          Applicable solutions for organizations

-          Business- Information Systems alignment.

-          Integrating arts and innovative skills with multimedia applications.

-          Providing interactive animation and multimedia solutions for e-learning systems.






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