The Dean’s Statement

I am pleased to welcome you to the home page of the College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics, hoping that you will find all the required information in this regard.

The decision to establish the CASI has come as part of the university interest in technology, creativity and entrepreneurship so as to educate, train and qualify the scientific cadres which is capable of coping with the new development and the ongoing change. The CASI is considered as the main artery for providing the labor market with trained, competent and highly skilled cadres in order to achieve sustainable growth and development in all the sectors of the community, and  keep abreast of all the developments and challenges for the advancement of the national economy.

The College offers a variety of options in various areas of knowledge, depending on competitiveness through a range of disciplines that are primarily aimed at upgrading the capabilities and abilities of the students and provide educational opportunities that will achieve the desired future success for students after graduation. The college offers many  programs, including Contemporary Business Administration, Project Management, Information  Systems, Innovation and Entrepreneurship  in Business, E-Marketing, Accounting, Economics of Business and Multimedia and Graphics. The College is working now on an exceptional master's program in order to enable bachelor graduates to complete their higher education.

Moreover, the CASI ‘s staff, professors and researchers alike,  are highly qualified  and known for their high proficiency  in the areas of teaching and research; they contribute to the enrichment of  the curricula and enhance it through their cognitive entity and their teaching and research experiences which will be reflected positively on the educational process outputs embodied in the formation of future leaders in the field of  business.                                           

Dr. Ismail Rumi


جامعة بوليتكنك فلسطين،
كلية العلوم الإدارية ونظم المعلومات،
صندوق بريد: 198
جبل أبو رمان، الخليل، فلسطين.

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