Dean’s Statement

Palestine Polytechnic University was established by knowledgeable individuals with a background in science to facilitate the development of various scientific fields. Among the colleges that emerged was the College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics, which started with a few curricula but has since expanded to include major branches of the program. The college's faculty is made up of specialists who have researched deep into the seas of knowledge.

The college began by granting bachelor's degrees and has now progressed to offering master's degrees, with plans to introduce a PhD program in the near future. The College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics offers various programs such as Contemporary Business Administration, Contemporary Business Administration/ Minor Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Business, Accounting, Business Economics, Contemporary Business Administration/ Minor Accounting, Accounting/ Minor Business Economics, Information Systems, E-Marketing, as well as multimedia and graphics programs.

The college also offers master's programs in administrative sciences, accounting and finance, and multimedia, with other programs expected to be offered in the future. Palestine Polytechnic University is a solid foundation for students to benefit from, as they can become proud ambassadors of the university. May Allah bless the university, its colleges, and its teaching staff and protect them from harm.


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